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Acebook is a very valuable communications tool for Bishopstown Tennis Club members.

Going forward we hope to make much better use of it’s features allowing us to communicate more efficiently with our members.

The following are various ways in which Acebook allows the BLTC committee to communicate with registered Acebook users:

·         E-mails – please ensure you have the ‘I would like to receive club info’ option selected in your profile.

·         Dashboard (l.h.s. of screen) – allows messages and news to be displayed on a rolling basis, i.e. upcoming club social events, etc.

·         View Documents –  tournament application forms, captains notices, posters, single’s ladder, etc. can all be viewed and downloaded here.

·         Sponsored adverts – if you are interested in advertising on Acebook please send an e-mail to bltcacebook@gmail.com.

·         You Tube Videos

All of the above features can be accessed from your own computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets etc. making communication easy and efficient, allowing you access to important Club Information at the press a button from home, work, holidays, etc.






ALL BLTC members must register in Acebook our 'Online Court Booking System'.

1.     Online booking or cancellation of courts at your fingertips (24/7), with email confirmation.

2.     The convenience of being able to book a court from the comfort of your own home or while on the go.

3.     Find a player: enables members to find a player based on level and on availability.

4.     Daily or Weekly view of booking page.

5.     Access to club rules regarding reservation and play, at all times.

6.     Dashboard display of latest Club News, messages and Club Competitions and Events etc.

7.     A quick way of communicating with members via e-mail regarding important club news, meetings and updates etc.

To get started:

you must first register as a member on Acebook

* Simply go on to the clubs website www.bishopstownlawntennisclub.com and click on the link ‘Book A  Court’ on the homepage.

* Click on ‘Register’ and complete the online registration form.

IMPORTANT: Every member MUST register in order to be able to ‘book a court’ or ‘play with others’.